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Turnkey solutions:

+Systems for railway and vehicle automation
+Systems for industrial automation
+Systems for business automation

Industrial Computing:

+Portable Industrial Computers
+Image Capture
+Controller Area Network (CAN)
+Industrial Computers
-Embedded Computing
Single-Board Computers (SBC)
Power Supply Modules
Adaptors, Extenders, & Development

Computer-On-Module (COM)
SBC & COM Starter Kits
A/D D/A Convertor Modules
I/O Modules
Peripheral Modules
Communication Modules
+Industrial Computing Components
+Display Devices
+Information Storage & Security


+Free Space Optics (FSO)
Model 327 & 328
PCI to PC/104+ Adapter
Sensoray : Model 327 & 328 : PCI to PC/104+ Adapter



Model 327 and 328 allow operating a PCI board from a PC/104+ card stack. They have the unique feature of allowing the selection of important PC/104+ signals using jumper plugs. Hence, the PCI board is not forced to use hardwired settings.

Model 327 alignes the PCI board parallel to the PC/104+ boards while Model 328 places it perpendicular.





Adapts PCI boards to PC/104+ card stack
Selection jumpers for IDSEL, REQ, GNT, CLK, and INTA lines
Hold-down bracket secures PCI board

Data Sheet


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